mighty vaporizer review

Why the Mighty vaporizer is the best on the market?

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of vaporizers or you’ve been using a vape for years, the Mighty Vaporizer is a great choice. It’s an excellent portable vaporizer that’s easy to use and offers a number of different vape experiences. It’s also packed with useful accessories and is backed by one of the most respected companies in the vaporizer industry, the German manufacturer Storz and Bickel.

Why is the Mighty so good?

It’s easy to use and produces excellent vapour. The Mighty Vaporizer also has a wide temperature range, so you can find the right temperature for your desired vaping experience. The buttons on the front panel allow you to easily navigate the desired range weither you are looking at vaporizing regular herbs, cannabis or even cannabidiol.

Thanks to its LCD screen, you can easily set the temperature between 104 deg F and 410 deg F. You can also switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the press of a button if you prefer. The battery meter is also displayed at the bottom of the Mighty Vaporizer’s screen. This vaporizer offers one of the best autonomy for a portable vape on the market as explained on this post https://fra1.digitaloceanspaces.com/cannavapos/mighty-vaporisateur.html!

Why the Mighty vaporizer is the best on the market

The Mighty is a premium vape that produces smooth, flavorful vapor.

The Mighty Vaporizer uses a combination of convection and conduction heating to create the vapor. It’s a great device that’s easy to clean. However, it’s also not cheap. You can get it for around 300$.

You’ll also find that the Mighty Vaporizer has a unique taste. While other vapes sink into fabric, the Mighty produces a pleasant terpy vapor that doesn’t sink into your clothes. You also get a nice ABV pattern on any temperature.

The Mighty’s heating system is above the rest. It uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction. The Mighty heating system ensures that you get the most extraction from your herbs.

The Mighty has an internal cooling system that softens the hot air before it’s sent to the mouthpiece. This means that the first few hits are cool and not harsh. The Mighty also features a handy USB-C socket, which means you can charge your Mighty with a USB-C cable. The Mighty can also be used with a water pipe.

The Mighty reveals its full potential when the bowl is loaded to the brim, without over-packing its grass. The draw is excellent and smooth with little resistance.

The difference between the Mighty and other vaporizers comes from the care given to a set of elements that are designed to enhance the vaping experience.

The plastic mouthpiece for example is very pleasant to use and the angle of the rotary system is top for a pleasant grip when inhaling.

The air flow is separated from the components for a smooth and fresh draw.

Additionnal handy featured

The Mighty comes with a handy refill tool that doubles as a stand. It’s easy to use and shows you how to clean the device.

The Mighty also features a built-in haptic feedback system that lets you know when you’re ready to vape. You can also toggle the temperature range on the front panel with a triangle button. If you don’t like the settings, you can easily change them with the power button.

In addition to the mighty vaporizer, the Mighty also comes with an attractive kit that includes a classic Storz & Bickel herb grinder and a liquid pad. The kit also allows you to use wax concentrates and oil concentrates. You can also use pre-prepared chambers with the dosing capsule that comes with the Mighty kit.

The Mighty is also very convenient, since it can fit into your pocket. However, its vapor quality isn’t as high as some other models. If you’re a casual vape user, you might find that the Mighty doesn’t offer the quality you’re looking for. You’ll probably eventually want to upgrade to a better vaporizer.

Qualcomm unveils flagship processor

Qualcomm unveils flagship processor for 2023 high-end smartphones

From ray-tracing for more realistic 3D effects to the first cognitive image processor and the arrival of Wi-Fi 7, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is packed with new technologies for next year’s high-end smartphones

If you’re in the market for an Android smartphone costing more than 1,000 euros next year, this is the chip that’s going to power it: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm. Like every end of the year, the American Qualcomm makes its big show to unveil the new flagship of its SoC. A chip that is interesting not only for what it brings to future high-end devices, but also incidentally, on the equipment that should become popular in the entry-level in the years to come.

On the chip design side, it’s the same as last year or so: the chip is still etched in 4nm, like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. But instead of using Samsung for the first iteration and TSMC for a “plus” version, Qualcomm ordered directly from TSMC. We remember last year the difference in quality between the two suppliers – the chips etched by TSMC were more powerful while consuming less power! This time, Qualcomm does not take any risk and takes the best right away. Not a very good advertisement for Samsung!

If the engraving remains the same, Qualcomm has designed a brand new chip. Both from the point of view of the organization of CPU cores, graphics technologies or an infusion of AI in all the logic bricks of its flagship chip. Here’s a quick look at the anatomy of the 2023 high-end smartphone queen chip.

A 1+4+3 reorganized CPU

The central processing unit (CPU) remains an eight-core chip. But Qualcomm has revisited not only its composition, but also its organization. For fast application launches or ultra-intensive tasks, there is still a very high-powered core called “Prime”, this year in Cortex X3 rather than X2. As for the high-performance and energy-efficient cores, a real mercato has been organized. Instead of a 3+4 configuration, this year we have four high-performance cores and three efficient cores. A choice dictated by gaming, because “developers need more and more high-performance cores for games that are increasingly multithreaded,” explained Ziad Asghar, the general manager of the Snapdragon chipset organization.

Even more complex, when we look at the high-performance cores, this year they are no longer all the same, but separated into two: two ARM Cortex-A715 cores and two Cortex A-710. While the first two are a little more powerful, the 710 are still compatible with 32-bit applications, which is not the case with the Cortex X-3 and A715. Qualcomm has made the choice here to maintain compatibility with older applications. The performance gains promised by Qualcomm are impressive in terms of pure performance, but also in terms of perf/Watt. All the more so as Qualcomm does not change the engraving fineness, the first factor affecting these two areas. But if the American really goes further, it is in graphics.

Almost first on mobile ray-tracing

If Qualcomm announces nice performance increases, it does not give any details on the architecture of its GPU.
Like last year, the graphics chip in this Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 does not change version number and is simply called Adreno. A piece of chip that manages not only the screen display, but especially games, the main reason that forces chip designers to push the power. Apart from the fact that the chip is “up to 25% more powerful and up to 40% more efficient” (energy wise), on the side of the internal organization of this graphics processor, we have nothing to tell you. No, not at all.

Last year, we were already surprised at how little information Qualcomm communicated about its GPU. And Ziad Asghar told us that this silence was “deliberate”. To have asked again this year about the lack of really technical information of these intergenerational improvements, we were told, from the tacit point of view, “the answer of Ziad Asghar still holds”. To be clear, it’s not tomorrow that Qualcomm will be ready to lift the details of its mobile GPU.


Samsung Ear Buds – Are They Any Good?

Samsung ear buds are expensive, but worth the price if you have a Samsung device. However, they are only worth it if you have purchased other products from the Samsung ecosystem. In other words, if you don’t use a Samsung phone or tablet, you probably won’t be able to use them.

Galaxy Buds

The new Galaxy Buds are wireless earbuds that offer good sound quality. They deliver deep bass and wide soundstages, and the sound is warm and natural. But they are not perfect. They are quite uncomfortable to wear, especially for extended periods. Here are some things to consider before you buy them.

The Galaxy Buds cost $149 / PS139 / AU$249 (at the time of writing). This makes them significantly cheaper than Apple’s $159 AirPods. However, as rival products have been released, they are no longer as cheap as they once were. Earlier versions of the Galaxy Buds are priced at $80 / PS65 / AU$120, making them a good value for older users.

The sound quality of Samsung Galaxy Buds varies depending on the genre of music you listen to. For example, rock music sounds better than other genres. They don’t perform well with bluegrass or jazz. The sound is also slightly recessed. If you are a true audiophile, you may prefer a headphone that offers more attack on the treble frequencies.

Another important thing to consider is fit. The Galaxy Buds have a small case that does not take up much space in your pocket. But they are still visible when you put them in your jeans. One drawback is the battery life. They only last up to one full charge, unlike most charging accessories. The good news is that you can also disable notifications through the settings menu.

Galaxy Buds 2

If you’re looking for the best ear buds to listen to music with, you should check out the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. These headphones are lighter and thinner than the previous versions and offer excellent sound quality. The bass is more punchy than ever, and they also come with Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Mode. In addition, Samsung’s machine learning solution has improved call quality.

The sound quality of the Galaxy Buds 2 is good, and they work well with other Android devices. However, their lack of compatibility with Apple’s AirPods makes them less suitable for people with Apple devices. Despite these limitations, these buds are worth checking out for their features.

As with most Samsung headphones, these buds feature advanced technologies. One such feature is the reliable proximity sensor. This allows for automatic playback or pause when the buds are removed. However, playback doesn’t automatically resume after reinserting them; you have to tap on the touch panel to resume playback. The touch controls on the Galaxy Buds 2 are responsive and intuitive, but they can cause media syncopation.

The Buds2 come with three sizes of silicone ear tips. The most comfortable pair is the medium size. The middle size is slightly larger than the medium. The buds also come with a USB A-to-C cable but no wall adapter.

Samsung ear buds Are they good

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro ear buds offer a new level of audio listening experience. The new buds feature Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation to block out loud sounds and give a truly immersive audio experience. The ear buds also fit better and offer 360-degree sound. Whether you’re listening to music, talking on the phone, or just relaxing in the office, you’ll be amazed by the quality of sound and quality of fit.

The Buds have a sleek matte plastic case and feature two-way drivers with 10-mm woofers and 5.3mm tweeters. They have an IPX7 water resistance rating, which means they can survive full immersion in 3 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. This feature also lets you wear them in the shower without worrying about the water damaging them. However, the buds are susceptible to dust and other particles, so you should protect them from those if possible.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro ear buds are easy to pair with your smartphone or tablet. Touch the touch panel on the inner case to pair. Once paired, a red, blue, or green light should appear. You can also choose the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in your device’s Bluetooth settings. It’s best to use the Samsung Wearable app to pair your device with the buds. While this app works well on most smartphones and tablets, it’s not available for all phones.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s sound quality is outstanding. The buds support 24-bit hi-fi audio. You’ll also be able to use music streaming services like Tidal and Amazon Music with the buds. The buds use Bluetooth 5.3 to stream music. https://www.youtube.com/embed/gCKf7w29vSc

dedicated server to host your site

Dedicated server hosting – Guide & Top providers

You have the idea to create your website, which is good! Among all the points of attention, web hosting should not be forgotten. Indeed, to make your website available to everyone on the Internet, you need to have web hosting. This is the basis.

There are many solutions on the market for hosting your website. Among these solutions is dedicated server hosting. A dedicated server makes all its resources available to a single site, yours, and this distinguishes it from shared hosting, which, as the name suggests, is shared by several users. A dedicated server is a must-have if you have a high-traffic site and advanced needs in terms of control and security of your hosting.

In this article, we answer all your questions about dedicated servers and present a comparison of the best-dedicated server hosting offers.

Definition of a dedicated host

A dedicated host is an internet hosting option where a physical or cloud server is dedicated to a single customer.
The customer has complete control over the machine and can optimize the resources to suit their needs for their website, whether it is hard-coded or based on a CMS, such as WordPress.

For example, if the site is experiencing a high traffic spike, the bandwidth may need to be increased. The customer can change the different settings of the hosting provider whenever he wants.

Advantages & Disadvantages of dedicated hosting

The advantages of dedicated hosting include

  • Fully customizable solution.
  • Greater stability.
  • Greater security.

As for the disadvantages, here are the most common ones:

Requires minimal technical knowledge for configuration and maintenance.
High cost.

Dedicated Vs. Shared Vs. VPS hosting

There are several types of hosting. Depending on your needs, one solution may be better than another. Below is a detailed comparison of dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and VPS.

Dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for companies that need to manage several sites or for an individual who is launching a site.

Shared hosting, as its name suggests, hosts several clients. Thus, on the same server, several websites are hosted. The hosting company can then offer a lower price solution, which is attractive for sites with little traffic.

VPS hosting is an entirely virtual server, and it uses the resources of a physical server, and the functionalities offered are similar to a dedicated server.

When should you choose dedicated server hosting?

So why choose dedicated server hosting for free or not? There are several reasons for this! Below you will find some arguments that should convince you to choose dedicated server hosting rather than another solution.

Do you have a high-traffic site or expect high traffic in the short to medium term?
An influencer talking about you, a TV appearance, is a situation that can often be anticipated. The more traffic you get to your site, the more bandwidth you need to avoid the slow loading of pages or inaccessibility of the site.

In this case, thanks to the dedicated server, you will be able to anticipate changes in advance or even at the moment and avoid any accessibility problems.

Keep in mind!

Google favors sites with a relatively fast loading time (less than three seconds). A dedicated server offers optimized performance, fast processing capabilities, and improved referencing.

You want to have control over the server settings.

Unlike other types of hosting, dedicated server hosting offers total control over the server. Whether it’s RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc., you can make the necessary adjustments (upwards or downwards) in a few clicks promptly and, above all, quickly.

To manage the various parameters properly, however, you will need someone with these technical skills, which may represent a specific cost.

You bet on security

With a dedicated server, the server resources are dedicated to your site only, offering maximum security for your site and all stored user data.

Unlike shared services, attacks are less common. Furthermore, a dedicated server allows you to add additional security features anytime.

The best-dedicated server hosting

Hostinger, a virtual dedicated server (VPS) hosting solution

Hostinger does not offer a dedicated server as such, as explained in this article. The servers offered by the company are VPS, which means that all resources and dedicated servers are included. A total of 8 offers are available with pricing depending on the offer; memory, storage and bandwidth vary.

Support is available 24/7 via live chat for all users.

OVHcloud, one of the giants of dedicated server hosting

OVHcloud offers a wide selection of dedicated servers. There are a total of 6 offers that are classic dedicated servers and others that are specialized, particularly for archiving, backup, video games, and streaming platforms.

By choosing the OVHcloud offers, you benefit from a live chat to get answers to all your questions 24/7. It is also possible to talk to customer service by email or telephone.

Oculus Move

Apple Health will soon integrate activity statistics from Oculus Move

Meta is taking another big step forward in the VR fitness space. Starting in April, the company will allow you to see your Oculus Move VR fitness stats in places other than the Quest and Quest 2 headset VR app. You’ll be able to choose to see the metrics (calories burned, minutes spent working out, and your VR fitness goals) in the Oculus mobile app for iOS and Android.

There’s a bit more important news for iOS users who want all their fitness data in one pot, so to speak: Oculus Move will support integration with Apple Health, so your VR workouts can be tracked in the same app as your standard, non-VR workouts.

Meta says it is exploring integration with other fitness tracking platforms.

Syncing your VR metrics with the Oculus or Apple Health app requires registration, and Meta says it doesn’t use Move metrics to inform the ads you see on the company’s other services. If you sync your data with the Oculus mobile app, your Move data will be stored on Meta’s servers and protected with end-to-end encryption. Meta will update its additional data policy on April 11 with information about how it stores your fitness information if you choose to participate.

Virtual reality training has grown in popularity since the launch of Quest 2 in late 2020. The pandemic played a role in this trend; people wanted to engage and stay fit from the comfort of their homes. But it’s also because some of the fitness experiences are really fun, from what I’ve heard – and it’s likely a very profitable business for Meta. In October 2021, the company bought Within, the team behind Supernatural, which is arguably the most popular subscription-based fitness app available for the Oculus Quest standalone virtual reality headset.

Sports using VR is the future

In the event that Apple eventually releases its long-talked-about AR / VR headset with similar Apple Health integration, iOS users will at least have more than one option for a headset that can contribute to their fitness goals.

In addition, those of you with iPhones, iPads or Apple Watches will be able to automatically sync your Oculus Move data with Apple Health. This means that Apple’s Health app will soon become an even more effective way to track your workout routine. The company also said it plans to integrate the Move app with other fitness tracking services in the future, but didn’t reveal more details about that.

Mi Band 7

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 reportedly features a larger screen and a bigger battery

Since the product’s launch in 2014, Xiaomi’s Mi Band activity tracker has sold extremely well every year. Not only has the device challenged Apple year after year for the lead in connected wristband shipments, but it’s also a prime example of Xiaomi’s value-for-money philosophy.

According to Magical Unicorn, which has a “decent” track record when it comes to predicting the specs of upcoming Mi Band models, the Mi Band 7 is expected to have a larger screen than the Mi Band 6’s 1.56-inch display and have a resolution of 192 x 490 pixels (up from 152 x 486 pixels last year). We could see the device equipped with an Always on Display, native GPS, and more.

Last year, the device featured a larger, more colorful screen and a pulse oximeter. The latter measures the amount of oxygen in your blood and is generally in the 95% to 100% range. Anything less means there’s a problem getting oxygen into your body and could indicate a medical problem with your lungs or circulation.

The Mi Band 6 also offered more workout modes and was powered by a larger battery than the one used in the Mi Band 5. The Mi Band 7 will reportedly be codenamed L66 and will have two model numbers: M2129B1 and M2130B1. It will also support more workout modes, supposedly ranging from aerobics to Zumba, and will also support over 100 watch faces.

An interesting new feature is called Smart Alarm, which is supposed to wake you up from a light sleep 30 minutes before your usual alarm goes off. The Mi Band 7 will include a power saving mode to save the device’s battery, which last year took five days between charges when using all functions and 30 days between charges when using functions sparingly.

Mi Band by Xiaomi

A very popular brand

If the past is an asset, we could see the Mi Band 7 released later this month. The Mi Band 6 is still available on Amazon and offers over 100 watch faces to choose from. The device shipped over a million units worldwide in its first month of availability last year. The combination of its many features and low price makes the Mi Band one of the most popular wrist-worn wearables every year.

The Mi Band 7 should continue to support both iOS and Android. So far, all we’re getting from Xiaomi about the Mi Band 7 is radio silence. The company seems determined not to repeat the mistakes made in the past when huge leaks revealed the Mi Band’s specifications and design before the product was introduced.

Galaxy Z Fold 4

The iPhone 14 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 will share a new Samsung technology

Samsung is preparing to launch two OLED screen innovations for its and Apple’s products, and the first will be available in retail devices as early as this year. Currently, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s display uses the older generation M11 OLED material found in the S21 Ultra’s display.

However, its brightness potential has been maximized by Samsung to achieve these very high S22 Ultra screen specs, such as a record maximum brightness of 1,750 nits, while its controller enables the most granular refresh rate dynamics of 1 to 120 Hz for the first time on a Samsung smartphone.

It appears that Samsung’s latest generation of M12 OLED display material will be retained for smartphones arriving in the second half of the year. The Elec reports that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable smartphones are expected to be the first Samsung smartphones that will have M12 OLED displays, while the iPhone 14 series will be a first for Apple to adopt the technology.

Wait, what? Yes, the iPhone 14 (most likely its Pro models) will feature a newer generation of Samsung OLED display than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra. We still don’t know if the generational improvements of the M12 hardware will be compared to the M11 in the S22 Ultra, so Samsung fans who bought the Ultra model shouldn’t get too excited prematurely.

The other OLED innovation that Samsung will be working on in the near future is the development of dual-layer panels, such as those LG is currently using for integration into electric vehicles and the like. The dual-layer method allows OLED displays to last much longer without visual degradation, especially when it comes to fragile blue organic diodes. That’s important for cars that may be in service for a decade or more, but also for electronic devices that have a longer lifespan than smartphones, such as laptops or tablets.

Iphone 13

Samsung may be overtaken by LG

Samsung was supposed to develop a 10.86-inch OLED display for use in an iPad next year, but Apple didn’t like the results it got from Samsung’s proposed single-layer OLED panel, so that partnership fell through. LG, on the other hand, which has already mastered the dual-layer OLED method, is expected to provide such displays for a 12.9-inch OLED iPad and another 11-inch one scheduled for release in 2024.

Apple is also reportedly planning to switch to OLED for its Mac and iMac display lines, not just for iPads, which have a longer life cycle than the traditional iPhone. This may have prompted Samsung to accelerate the development of its own dual-layer OLED displays – the T series – so called to evoke the word tandem when it comes to the two OLED layers working in parallel. In other words, Samsung senses the danger of being overtaken by LG as Apple’s primary supplier of OLED displays for everything other than iPhones, and is reacting accordingly.

Samsung and LG are currently working on medium-sized dual-layer OLED displays for future tablets and laptops, the report said. However, Samsung will likely release dual-layer T-series OLED displays in its own Tab S and Galaxy Book families of tablets and laptops about a year before Apple uses the panels.

Galaxy Z Flip: Samsung’s clamshell phone

Those nostalgic for the early 2000s should rediscover old reflexes with this new smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is one of these new folding phones, but the difference is that the screen folds in half in the height direction, just like Motorola’s iconic Razr, which is also being re-released. Closed, it’s square and fits more easily in a pocket.

Style comes at a price

Like other folding smartphones already launched, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is expensive. The glass technology used is still young and costly. Sold for $ 1700, this mobile is, therefore, even more expensive than the latest high-end smartphones (iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20…), which offer superior photo capabilities (here, 2 x 12 Mpix).

An improved folding screen

The pleasant surprise of this Galaxy Z Flip is the quality of its finish. The hinge is fluid yet sturdy, and the folded area of the screen is quickly made discreet, even if the eye always detects it by tilting the device slightly. In use, it is quickly forgotten, and the screen proves to be of excellent quality.

On this subject, the touch may seem disturbing at first. Like all folding smartphones, this is not a classic glass but a flexible one – called Ultra-Thin Glass by Samsung. The latter is covered with a thin layer of plastic to protect it. The goal here is to have the quality of a glass screen but strong enough to resist over the long term.

In the palm of your hand

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s compact and square design makes it easy to handle when closed or only half-open. Fully unfolded, its 6.7-inch screen is slightly larger than that of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it’s also narrower, making it easier to handle. This elongated format (22:9) has the advantage of being perfectly adapted to the consultation of social networks and their vertical flow.

What’s more, Samsung has worked with Google on adapting some applications to this elongated format. For example, when the Galaxy Z Flip is folded at a 90-degree angle, the camera app switches to a “dual-screen” display with the image at the top and all functions in the lower part. You can put the smartphone on your palm – like a powder case, so to speak – and take a selfie.

On the other hand, if the possibility of displaying two applications simultaneously – one on each half of the screen – seems a good idea on paper, in use, their use becomes complex because the display is too small. At the limit, one can imagine watching a video while scrolling its Twitter feed in the lower part of the screen, but this will remain anecdotal.

iPhone 2020: 3 new screen sizes confirmed

Information published by ET News tends to prove what were previously only rumors. Samsung and LG are both working on the development of 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inch OLED tiles for the 2020 iPhone.

It’s a rumor that’s been in the air for several months now. In all likelihood, Apple will not only have to make a significant redesign of its iPhone next year but also offer them in different screen diagonals from today.


Regarding the integration of a 5G chip into the 2020 iPhone, rumors are spreading all over the place. While Ming-Chi Kuo is convinced that Apple’s entire 2020 line-up will support all 5G tapes, ET News believes that the company will opt for a fourth smartphone in the catalog, which alone will be 5G compatible.

On the one hand, the massive integration of 5G chips in its new iPhone would undoubtedly allow Apple to justify a new price increase on its phones. But the 5G is only launched in a limited number of countries. It is estimated that 65% of the world’s population will be covered in 2025. Apple could be accused of taking hostage customers who do not care about 5G with a more expensive smartphone, and whose capacities they will not be able to use to the full.

But the opposite is also correct. Taking the lead and making the complete transition to 5G, starting in the fall of 2020, would allow Apple to play the chorus of sustainability, and sell entire shipments of iPhone “5G Ready” under the pretext that we must prepare for the arrival of tomorrow’s network.

All iPhones screens moving to OLED technology

We are talking about OLED screens here. Until then, Apple had reserved this type of screen for its most expensive models (iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro). But according to ET News, the entire iPhone 2020 line-up will be missing on the LCD. Including the successor to the more affordable iPhone 11.

Then, the size of these screens changes profoundly compared to the latest generations of iPhone. Currently (and for two years now), Apple offers 5.8-inch smartphones (iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro), 6.1-inch (iPhone XR, 11) and 6.5-inch (iPhone XS Max, 11 Pro Max). ET News confirms two things today: a more compact iPhone is in the boxes, and a huge model should take over from the current iPhone 11 Pro Max.

And all this without even taking into account the possible iPhone SE 2, which he thinks could be launched next March.

Tesla’s Cybertruck: the surprise is here

Elon Musk probably had a great time unveiling his baby, the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck. He has been talking about it for almost 7 years, promising something new. The mission is successful. The Cybertruck is a real visual shock. The sad spirits will say that it only took a few minutes for a designer to draw these simplistic and raw lines. More moderate observers will enjoy such audacity, which ignores the usual tendency of car manufacturers to always rely on a familiar aesthetic reference. The Cybertruck is unlike any existing production vehicle. Whether you like it or not, the freedom of style it expresses is refreshing.

The same stainless steel as for the SpaceX Starship

The Cybertruck style has a slightly military feel that inspires a feeling of robustness. It reflects with an exoskeleton body made of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel that SpaceX will use to build its Starship ship. To prove its solidity, Elon Musk invited one of his collaborators to the stage, who slammed a heavy mass blow on a door, which did not show the slightest damage.

However, things went a little worse when the person threw a steel ball at the side windows that were supposed to withstand violent impacts. Elon Musk expected the same result as for the door, but the windows smashed, causing Tesla’s boss to laugh a little embarrassed and promise to “fix it.” Its engineers will have plenty of time to study it, since production will only begin at the end of 2021, at best.

We come to the price of Cybertruck, which also surprised observers. Tesla announces the lowest rate of $39,900 for the propulsion version, $49,900 for the intermediate four-wheel-drive model with two engines, and $69,900 for the three-engine model. Qualified prices that are quite reasonable for the market, knowing, for example, that the Rivian RT1, one of Cybertruck’s main rivals, starts at $69,000. A lot of things may still be moving between now and the launch of the Cybertruck. But Elon Musk has already succeeded in his challenge to shake up the codes.

An electric quad for the Cybertruck

The Cybertruck announces ranges of 400, 500, or 800 kilometers depending on the size of the battery you choose. Its payload is up to 1.5 tonnes and can tow up to 6.3 tonnes in its four-wheel-drive version. Elon Musk had promised the performance of a Porsche 911. On paper, this seems to be the case since Tesla announces a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, which promises a lot of acceleration.

An air suspension increases ground clearance by up to 40 cm. Also, the air used by the circuit can be used to supply the on-board compressor to work with pneumatic tools. For off-road travel, the Cybertruck announces an approach angle of 35 degrees and a departure angle of 28 degrees. 110/220 V electrical sockets are integrated to connect tools. The truck can be configured for different uses, including a sliding shutter or a windbreak system that transforms it into a camping tent with an integrated kitchen. During the Cybertruck presentation, Elon Musk also unveiled a matching electric quad that can be mounted on the back of the pickup and recharge its battery. No details on its marketing have been provided at this time.

After the $1,000 iPhone, will Apple offer an even more expensive model?

Apple is expected to unveil its 2018 iPhone vintage on Wednesday, probably with three models, with which the Apple company, thanks to even higher selling prices, hopes to continue to increase its profits despite a saturated market.

After the $1,000 iPhone, will Apple offer an even more expensive model?
By its habits of discretion, the American giant has distilled only little clues regarding the presentation planned at its headquarters in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, but like every year, speculations are well underway on the new products presented: iPhone of course, but also iPad or AppleWatch, and its connected watch.

Analysts do not expect a technological revolution but will be very attentive to Apple’s choices regarding the price of its new iPhone. Last year, Apple introduced three models, including the expensive iPhone X (“10”) and its facial recognition unlocking, marking the smartphone’s tenth anniversary and sold from $999 in the United States.

This year, experts expect the company to unveil improved versions of the model (faster with a larger screen) which should, therefore, be even more expensive and would confirm Apple’s choice to continue to do very high-end. “We expect Apple to drive up the average selling prices of smartphones even higher,” say analysts from Counterpoint Research.

This strategy has so far proved successful: it allows you to increase your turnover despite the saturation of the global market. Thus, according to analysts, the iPhoneX sold less than some previous models — notably the iPhone 6 –, but it returned as much in financial terms over their first ten months of commercialization, reassuring investors at the same time.

Chinese competition

It leads some analysts to say that Apple can easily be satisfied, financially, with a relatively small but reasonably stable market share. With about 12% of the world market, the apple company lost its second place in the second quarter, dethroned by the Chinese Huawei, which is growing at a breakneck pace.

Not so sure, notes analyst Anshul Gupta (Gartner), who points out that world leader Samsung (19.3% market share in the second quarter) and its Galaxy S9 model ($1,055) introduced in February did suffer from Chinese competition and near stagnation in the market, which pushed down profits in the second quarter.

For many analysts, Apple could play on several tables, with both one or two ultra-premium models but also a less expensive model, even if rumors about its price vary significantly for the latter, between 600 and 850 dollars.

IDC expects smartphone sales to decline slightly in 2018 to 1.46 billion units, with a moderate recovery from 2019 onwards, thanks to the Indian market, the improvement of the Chinese market or the arrival of the high-speed 5G mobile Internet.

Apple’s presentation comes at the height of the trade war between the United States and China, a significant market for Apple, which also assembles many of its devices there. Its CEO Tim Cook has already warned that a new round of US customs duties on Chinese imports could increase the prices of individual devices, such as watches for example.

petasse et son sac dior

How to successfully sell luxury products online?

When it comes to online selling of products, one does not sell luxury jewelry or vintage cars like they sell pocketbooks or baby diapers. Marketing techniques that work for mass consumer products do not work for luxury goods and services.

Do you want to sell luxury products online? This article is made for you. We will present you the 5 critical success factors of an e-commerce activity selling luxury products.

Do not neglect the basic rules of an e-commerce site

There are some common sense rules that you should not neglect in your work of creation or improvement of your luxury e-commerce site. Here they are.

Get a great website, hosted on a great server and web host

Needless to say that this is the most important point of this article! You can spend as much money as you want, get the best website built and designed and have the best products on the market, if your website is slow, unresponsive or worst DOWN, you won’t sell much.

Make sure you read this post to find more on web hosting www.academie-technologies.fr/blog/categories/colloques-et-seminaires/posts/enrichir-le-territoire-par-le-numerique

Visuals must always communicate emotions.

bouche de puteSome sites specializing in the sale of luxury products seek to convey the value of their brand and their offer solely by focusing on innovation. They seek to deliver a radically innovative user experience, but at the same time forget some elementary principles, some basic principles. What are they? First of all, navigation must be clear and consistent. Customers must be able to find answers to their questions easily, they must be able to access products, etc easily. Secondly, whatever the ecommerce site, images play a decisive role. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Imagine that a customer comes to see you to discover your products. What does he want to do? See your products, examine them, touch them.

Product descriptions must also convey emotions.

Images play an important role, both emotionally and informatively. They play a crucial role in customers’ purchasing decisions. The same could be said of the descriptions. Most ecommerce sites selling luxury products offer very poor, very cold, very dry, too technical, too short descriptions.

When you write your product description, you should try to imagine what a salesperson would say to sell the product in the presence of the potential customer. For clothing and jewelry, the salesperson would advise how to wear them, on their composition, on their size, etc. However, it has to be said that most descriptions of luxury products list the materials. It is apparently not enough to make you want to buy.

Your website must itself be a luxury product.

Images and descriptions are the two most essential elements. However, other elements play a role. The design of your site must reflect your positioning. You must propose a web site in adequacy with the products which you sell: a site “top of the range” Your site is the showcase of your activity.

How to create a luxury design? Here are some tips:

  • Avoid commercial photos.
  • Choose the typography carefully.
  • Limit the use of elements that disrupt navigation: popups, banners, etc.
  • Use few colors. Avoid bright colors. Choose matte colors.
  • Use white spaces.
  • Avoid displaying too many products in catalog pages.
Play to the full-on rarity and on the feeling of exclusivity

sac de salopeThe scarcity effect always works, even in the field of the sale of luxury products. It creates a state of emergency. However, for it to work, this rarity must be real. In other words, do not indicate that there are only two products left when you have tons of stock. Second tip: present this cleanly and professionally. Avoid large red and fluorescent yellow animated banners. Also, avoid popups. This is not how you will generate more sales. The basic design rules associated with the sale of luxury products also apply here.

Don’t focus on what you sell, but on the experience, you offer your customers.

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of conveying emotions through images and product descriptions. Let us now go into a little more detail. The most critical point, without doubt, is this: in your way of selling your products and writing descriptions, you should not focus on the characteristics of your products, but on what your products will provide to their buyers, regarding experience, emotion… The best way to implement this point is to do qualitative research, such as customer interviews, customer questionnaires distributed on the site (or by email), interviews with store managers if you have physical points of sale.

amazon tv box

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube looks like the ultimate streaming box

Amazon is unleashing loads of new products lately, and nothing will stop it. After launching its Echo speakers in France, the online retail giant has unveiled a new TV product that takes the form of a cube.

In addition to its Echo products, Amazon also markets reading lamps, tablets, and devices for television. This week this family welcomed a newcomer: the Fire TV Cube. It is a streaming box doped with 4K and Alexa.

A box to do everything

Acronyms and technologies are all over the Fire TV Cube. The device can thus broadcast 4K HDR videos (up to 60 frames/second), it ensures the support of HDMI CEC as well as Dolby Atmos, for the best-equipped households. The box also incorporates a speaker, all running on a quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage.

Amazon slides into the box an Ethernet adapter to connect to the Micro USB port of the box, as well as an infrared extension. If the remote control allows controlling the Fire TV Cube, the primary interface remains the voice. Moreover, so, Alexa! A button is present on the remote control, but the box contains 8 microphones that await the slightest vocal command from the viewer.

Alexa being part of the party, the assistant can naturally control the content of a whole set of streaming services (including Amazon Prime Video of course), but also the audio and video devices of the house and a vast home automation ecosystem.

The Fire TV Cube seems, on paper at least, really interesting and complete. It builds on Alexa’s success, of course, but Amazon hasn’t rested on its laurels by adding some technologies. All will be available as of June 21, at a price of $119. The manufacturer has not specified when the device will be available in Europe.

the top smartphones in the world

What is the best-selling smartphone in the world?

Despite a weakening in smartphone sales over the past two years, the battle remains tough to stay at the top of the world rankings. According to a study published by the IHS Markit Institute on June 6, Apple still reigns with its latest models despite the critics.

In the first quarter of 2018, the iPhone X, released last fall, was the world’s best-selling smartphone, selling 12.7 million units. The iPhone 8 came in second place with 8.5 million models.

A total of 345 million smartphones were sold worldwide in three months.

The Apple company shares the top 10 with Samsung over the quarter, which is not a surprise at all. The South Korean company comes in third with its Galaxy Grand Prime Plus, an entry-level model, sold at 8.3 million units. Of this top 10, Apple sold 40.6 million smartphones, or more than 10% of the global total, compared to 35.3 million for Samsung.

A slump in the market

However, these figures mark a setback for the two giants. As IHS Markit reminds us, Apple has seen combined sales of its new models rise from 35.6 million in the first quarter of 2017 to 21.2 million this year with the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The market in 2017 seemed slightly fairer with Huawei’s Honor 5A in 9th place (5.1 million sales) and Vivo X9 in 10th place (4.3 million). According to IHS Markit, the disappearance of Chinese brands from the top 10 in the first quarter of 2018 is partly due to delayed launches.

Top of the range products reign

In detail, the high-end seems to win the favour of consumers. While the 2017 top 10 featured models like the iPhone SE or Galaxy Grand Prime Plus, only the latter and two other Samsung devices belong to the lower end. These figures confirm a trend identified by manufacturers.

If Apple seems to dominate this top 10 with its head and shoulders, this ranking does not favour manufacturers offering many models, such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi. For 2017 as a whole, Samsung remains the world’s leading manufacturer with 21.6% of smartphones sold, compared with 14.7% for its rival Apple.

meilleurs mini drones en 2017

The 5 Best Drones for Beginners

The last year saw an unbelievable number of drones being sold around Christmas time all over the country – and this year it could be the same. Drones are fun and can be a great hobby. It is also used for professional reasons, but you can even try your hands on one.

Beginners should go for cheaper drones which are essential, and can then eventually graduate to complex ones. This quick mini drone review is brought to you by Amateurs de Drones – drones miniatures.

Here’s a list of top drones perfect for beginners.

1. UDI U818A HD+

The drone is used commonly for training purposes. It has a camera to take HD pictures and videos of 720p/1280*720p respectively at 30 frames per second. The controller displays full flight status on the LCD screen of the controller. It can perform a 360-degree roll and comes with an extra battery.

2. Byrobot Drone Fighter GX100

Byrobot Drone Fighter GX100The cool and trendy mini-drone features 2.4GHz RF 2-way communication with six channels. It does not have a camera, but you can enjoy exciting drone games with your friends. Using infrared transmitters, you can use multiple models to make the team. Then it’s warfare with infrared “hits” which is expressed by a vibrating controller.

3. Hubsan X4 Quadcopter

This mini-drone fits in the palm of your hands and great for its lightweight and durable build. It sends an instant video preview of the controller which makes flying more fun. This model is highly recommended for beginners.

4. Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling SpiderDid you ever want a drone that could climb on walls and ceilings? Parrot MiniDrone has two detachable wheels which make it roll on the ground or scale walls or ceilings apart from normal flying. It has a vertical camera to take aerial shots and can be controlled by an app on your smartphone.

5. Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone

If photography is your passion, go for Parrot Bebop. It offers a 14-megapixel camera which can take HD 1080p videos at 180 degrees wide angle. It is agile and very stable thanks to the multiple 3-axis sensors.

When you’re looking for a drone, look out for the different features it has. You need one with a sturdy design because chances are your drone would bump into something sooner than later. The first few hours when you’re running a drone for the first time can be challenging, as you would need time to get used to the controls.

Update December 2017: Here is a great video review of the famous Hubsan X4 H107 FPV

This mini drone has rock solid specs and offers a great flight experience for beginners and pros alike!

We cannot recommend it enough to our readers. More on the Hubsan X4 H107 FPV here amateursdedrones.fr/hubsan-x4-h107d-fpv/

Urus Lamborghini steps into the SUV game

Urus: Lamborghini steps into the SUV game!

A newcomer to the Lamborghini family, the Urus intends to set a new benchmark in the sports SUV category and, aims at doubling Lamborghini’s sales over the next few years.

The numbers are staggering.

Starting with those extracted from the technical data sheet, since the Urus is the most powerful version of the V8 4-litre twin-turbocharged VW V8 to date, at 650 hp. As a result, Lamborghini announces that the Urus will be the first SUV to exceed 300 km/h. Pretty amazing no?

Go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds.

Lamborghini expected to build 3500 Urus per year

The Urus is also supposed to be for Lamborghini what the Cayenne is for Porsche, that is to say, the one that will allow in the short term to double the sales of the company. From 1,000 units in the first year, the Italian brand plans to assemble 3,500 more in cruising mode, or even slightly more if demand requires it.

It compares to 3500 Lamborghini models sold in the last fiscal year. And it would be better if this objective were achieved, because Lamborghini has just invested heavily to produce it, doubling the surface area of its factory while modernizing it considerably.

23-inch wheels

Thanks to its variable ground clearance suspension, Lamborghini also suggests that the Urus has real crossing capabilities, as evidenced by the proposed driving modes. Be careful, however, before leaving the asphalt ribbon of civilization: it would be a shame to destroy an ultra-low tire and therefore necessarily very expensive since mounted on rims ranging from 21 to 23 inches in diameter depending on the option chosen.

Vector distribution and four steering wheels

For those who fear that this choice will generate an underachieving attitude, Lamborghini wants to be reassuring to its customers!

The use of a differential with vector distribution of torque, and steered rear wheels should make it possible in all circumstances. Maneuverable in the city, agile at low speed on sinuous courses, as stable as possible at high speed.

Audi Type Transmission

The 650 horsepower of the V8 is distributed to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission and a Torsen-type central differential that allocates 40% of torque to the front axle, 60 to the rear.

Commercialization of Urus is expected to begin in the summer of 2018.

vaping marijuana

Vaporizing Hasch, which tools do you need?

Marijuana vaporization requires some preparation because there are several aspects to consider.

Most non-temperature controlled vaporizers are usually calibrated around 190ºC, ideal for grass, while to spray resin we need at least 10 degrees extra, up to 210-215ºC (combustion starts from 230ºC).

When we vaporize a bud, we vaporize the resin sprinkled around it, in the form of tiny micro-droplets that volatilize immediately in contact with the hot air, but by agglutinating and pressing the marijuana trichomes, the density increases, and we get a compact, sticky piece of resin, more difficult to vaporize.

Recommended vapes for resins and cannabis concentrates.

haschAs a result of what we have mentioned, the best option is to choose a vaporizer with the temperature regulator, which rises to 210-215 ºC, to have the most efficient concentrate vaporization possible.

It is an increase of 25ºC compared to the standard 190ºC for grass so that steam may be slightly more irritating.

If it is already an excellent idea to filter and cool the vapor using a bong, by vaporizing resins, it will be even more so. Taking into account that the ideal will be to use a glass bong or a bubbler of small capacity, to concentrate at the maximum the puff and thus increase the flavor.

Table vaporizers for marijuana resin

Volcano vaporizer:

volcanoThis vaporizer has a long experience in the field, being one of the first vaporizers to offer quality in its equipment and operation, and thus providing a good user experience. It is resistant to falls and shocks, excellent and very compact, and therefore easy to transport or store.

Its large diffuser allows us to charge up to half a gram of resin each time so that we can enjoy a long spraying session without having to renew the charge continuously. Combined with its steam-filled balloon inflation system (by blowing hot air through a pump, which passes through the load and stays in the balloon) will provide us with great ease of use.

Arizer Extreme Q Spray:

arizer extremeThe Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer appears on the market with the peculiarity that the diffuser and ducts through which hot air and steam pass are made of borosilicate glass, an inert material, which does not modify the flavors of the samples, and which will not diffuse any harmful particles. It is therefore very suitable for medical use of marijuana.

Its heating element is made of ceramic, for the same reasons and characteristics as glass, in addition to being an excellent conductor of heat, which distributes and maintains the temperature correctly.

Also, it has a thermostat with three strategically located sensors to ensure that the temperature is uniform throughout the diffuser area. Find more on cannabis vaporizers by visiting Vaporisateur Cannabis.



iPhone X Photo Test: Solid Performance in a Compact Format

Apple has secured the fundamentals of its iPhone X with a sharp image quilt and improved color management. But it’s mainly its second camera module, and it’s more compact size that makes it a weapon of choice for photographers.

While Apple has lost its technical dominance in photography in recent years – autofocus, definition, professional modes, etc. – the iPhone is still the preferred terminal for many photographers and enthusiasts. For several reasons: color consistency, the iOS ecosystem (apps are quality), etc. And since the arrival of the iPhone 7 Plus, for the second camera module. This equivalent 56 mm f/2.8 gives the iPhone the advantage in portraiture in particular.

With its super processor, OLED screen, and 56mm optics, the iPhone X is a brighter-looking (f/2.4) and a brighter-looking (f/2.4) lens; it’s the ultimate Apple photographic flagship. However, it wasn’t the technique that first seduced us, but a detail that seems trivial: the dimensions of the terminal.

Double module in a compact format

gsgsfasjgosbnvobniwbveiuOnce is not customary for a smartphone dedicated to photography, let’s not start with image quality, but with hardware ergonomics, a point where the iPhone X shines. Because without being a dwarf, the iPhone X is a more compact terminal than its high-end competitors such as Galaxy S8 Plus, Mate 10 pro and even its “big brothers” iPhone “Plus” all generations combined.

The fashion of big screens has long since perverted the whole top of the smartphone basket. Since the iPhone 7, it was necessary to opt for the large version “Plus” to take advantage of the second camera module, a device certainly capable but more cumbersome and less easy to handle quickly than the “normal” version.

By integrating the best of its photographic know-how into a more compact terminal, Apple will appeal to photographers who like to travel discreetly and lightly. It is a “simple” ergonomic evolution that has a significant impact: as it is easier to handle, we tend to take it out faster and therefore more readily, which invites us to make more images. For us, this is one of the company’s strong arguments that eclipses many of the technical limits.

Good level of detail

Displayed 100% on our 27 inches 2560 x 1440 pixels screen, the images produced by the iPhone X are more granular than those of the competition. A flaw?

Not so much: if you notice a more pronounced use of flat surfaces compared to an HTC U11, for example, in the end, the image rendering is excellent thanks to the software processing. Apple’s algorithms have found an excellent balance between smoothing, which reduces the digital noise inherent in small sensors and the very high level of detail, thanks to a proper management of micro-contrast.

Applied to a better sensor and better optics, this image processing would be extraordinary. In the case of the iPhone X, it already makes it possible to produce good images, shots richer in detail and with more punch than those of the iPhone 7 generation.

Polti Vaporetto sv400

Polti Vaporetto sv400 Review

Handheld cleaners are becoming more popular, and they are more practical when you just need to clean specific areas. One of the best handheld cleaners out there is the test Polti Vaporetto sv400. It is one of the cheapest and comes with so many accessories making it worth every dollar you spend.



It is compact and beautiful in design and doesn’t take up a lot of space, making storage very easy. It is also designed with a weight of 1.8 kg making it very simple to use. It comes with a small bag you can use to store the nine accessories that go with it. It ensures you don’t lose them or miss-place them.


1. 0.2-liter tank

This capacity is enough to efficiently clean all the small areas you may want to clean with a handheld steam cleaner.

2. Contains odor-eliminating solution


There is a control button that helps you eject various amounts of the solution while steaming. It is an optional extra, and you don’t need to use it if you find it overpowering.

3. 3 minutes to heat up

It only takes 3 minutes to heat up and start cleaning. It makes it fast and efficient, and that’s what you need when it comes to cleaning.

4. 2.9m cable

It is enough length to ensure you clean all the places you need to reach. It is just enough, and this makes it very efficient.


When you need to clean specific, hard to reach areas or are just looking for a cleaner to spot clean, then your best choice is the Polti Vaporetto sv400.

Once it is heated up, it is very effective and comes in handy when you need to clean areas fast. It is also great when dealing with stains and very cheap when compared to other similar products. I would recommend it as the best handheld steam cleaner to anyone seeking to acquire a handheld cleaner.

a range of solar panels

Reduce your Electricity Bills by 75%

New information to help businesses reduce their electricity bills. SolarCool (Mauritius) Ltd. offers a technology that reduces reliance on the Central Electricity Board (CEB) by at least 75%.

One of the most significant items of expenditure in large companies remains electricity. It’s an expense that never goes down, quite the contrary,” explains Ram Ramjheetun, Managing Director of SolarCool (Mauritius) Ltd.

How to do it? The secret lies in the installation of a system connected to the compressor that powers the air conditioning and refrigeration network. In cold countries, this can also be used to power the heating system.

solarcool mauritius

The system captures the sun’s rays, even if the weather is cloudy,” Ram Ramjheetun says. It is therefore not necessary for the sun’s rays to hit the system directly. “The main component looks like a solar panel, but it’s not one. It is a thermodynamic copper panel that requires no special maintenance. We offer a ten-year guarantee,” adds the director. The lifespan is 25 years.

The return on investment is fast, Ram Ramjheetun believes. “The money saved on an electricity bill will allow the company to pay for the equipment. It can also go through the French Development Agency to obtain financing. This body has a program dedicated to these types of initiatives. We will help the company get this financing,” says the Managing Director of SolarCool (Mauritius) Ltd.

Several large local companies are interested in this new technology adopted by large multinationals, such as Mercedes Benz, Texaco or Pizza Hut, among others.

Wearable Tech Review: How Does the Swarovski Shine Fare?

Swarovski Shine is a sleep and fitness tracker that carries the technology of the Misfit brand’s Shine tracking device and the beauty of Swarovski crystals. Sounds amazing, right? But is it up to snuff? The Amosu Couture staff takes a close look at this luxury wearable device and assess if it is worth using by health and fitness buffs.

Styling options

Swarovski Shine can be combined with nine different accessories such as a crystal-studded wristband and suede wrap bracelets to make the fitness tracker look more fashionable. This provides more styling choices if you do not want to make your fitness tracker look obviously like one.

Solar charging

This luxury wearable tech features a solar-powered purple crystal, a patented technology that makes for an efficient solar charging for powering it up. You do not need batteries, cords, or even wireless charging devices to recharge or keep your device powered up. Simply exposing the Shine to light is enough to charge it. According to Misfit, this solar-powered jewel is the first wireless sleep and fitness tracker in the world to use an energy harvesting technology.


Like other wearable tech, the Shine comes standard with features that track your activities such as calories, steps, distance, and the quality and length of sleep.

Our only beef with the Shine is its crystal that you need to double-tap to view the time through a ring of LED lights. It takes quite a while and several attempts at tapping the crystal before the lights appear. It is also hard to see the LEDs under the crystal.


The wrist bands, aside from looking elegant, are also comfortable to wear. You can even wear it while doing any water activities such as swimming and kayaking because it is waterproof to 50 meters. You will not worry about it getting damaged when you accidentally splash water on it.

The Most Expensive and Luxurious Gadgets in the World

Luxury items are expensive for a reason. You are paying a price for prestige, exclusivity, and quality. And there are consumers who do not mind shelling out more bucks for a product if that means upping the ante for their lifestyle and they will command more respect and admiration from people around them.

Here are three of the most expensive and luxurious gadgets in the world that will have your jaw dropping in awe:

1. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Costing at least $10 million—earning it the distinction of being the costliest smartphone in the world—this elegant gold-and-black iPhone model features a 26-carat rare black diamond that replaces the home button. At the back, luxury is written all over the Apple logo where you can find 53 precious stones. Not only that—the whole unit is encrusted with 600 white diamonds plus sapphire in the screen. The entire chassis is covered in gold.

It took 9 weeks for luxury product designer Stuart Hughes to create this marvelous smartphone, which was commissioned by a Chinese businessman.

2. Camael Diamonds iPad

Camael Diamonds iPad pic

While a diamond-encrusted tablet that is worth over a million dollars may sound far-fetched, this luxurious gadget actually exists. Like the iPhone 5 Black Diamond, the Camael Diamonds iPad features a black diamond home button and Apple logo. Weighing about 1 kg., this iPad is made of 300-carat diamonds and 18-carat gold.

3. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum

The third Apple product on this list is the luxury version of the MacBook Air: the Supreme Platinum edition. It weighs 7 kg. And is made of platinum. There are only five units of this edition available in the world coming with a $500,000 price tag. That is how exclusive this laptop is.

Phone Accessories Review: Bling My Thing Swarovski Cases for Smartphones

Swarovski crystals are synonymous to luxury. Can you imagine how fun and enjoyable it is to cover your smartphone in these sparkling gems? But, of course, luxury is not the be-all and end-all of owning a Swarovski-encrusted smartphone case. There are other features and considerations worth considering also. Since you are paying a high price for such an accessory, you have to make sure that you will get what you pay for.

Here is a quick review of Bling My Thing Swarovski smartphone cases:


Swarovski smartphone cases glittersWho would not love a phone sparkling with beautiful Swarovski crystals? It makes your phone stand out in the sea of ordinary-looking phones. That, in itself, makes it a worthy accessory to buy for your smartphone.

The case is just of the right size—it does not add bulk to the phone. Other phone cases are so bulky that it defeats your purpose of having a sleek smartphone. With this case attached, your phone will still look as slim as it gets.

Portability and grip

This slim-style case is so lightweight, so it does not add an extra weight and bulk to your phone. When your phone has this luxurious case, it will still fit in your hands and will not get in the way of your using the phone.


Designed with beauty and luxury in mind rather than providing ultimate protection, the Swarovski case surprisingly can survive occasional accidental drops and regular use. None of the crystals fell off, and the phone is still intact during our trial period that lasted for more than a month.

Ease of use

The casing pops easily on the phone, and it is just as easy to take off. Its slightly receded design, on the other hand, secures the case on the phone to prevent it from falling off due to the rigors of everyday use.