Galaxy Z Flip: Samsung’s clamshell phone

Those nostalgic for the early 2000s should rediscover old reflexes with this new smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is one of these new folding phones, but the difference is that the screen folds in half in the height direction, just like Motorola’s iconic Razr, which is also being re-released. Closed, it’s square and fits more easily in a pocket.

Style comes at a price

Like other folding smartphones already launched, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is expensive. The glass technology used is still young and costly. Sold for $ 1700, this mobile is, therefore, even more expensive than the latest high-end smartphones (iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20…), which offer superior photo capabilities (here, 2 x 12 Mpix).

An improved folding screen

The pleasant surprise of this Galaxy Z Flip is the quality of its finish. The hinge is fluid yet sturdy, and the folded area of the screen is quickly made discreet, even if the eye always detects it by tilting the device slightly. In use, it is quickly forgotten, and the screen proves to be of excellent quality.

On this subject, the touch may seem disturbing at first. Like all folding smartphones, this is not a classic glass but a flexible one – called Ultra-Thin Glass by Samsung. The latter is covered with a thin layer of plastic to protect it. The goal here is to have the quality of a glass screen but strong enough to resist over the long term.

In the palm of your hand

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s compact and square design makes it easy to handle when closed or only half-open. Fully unfolded, its 6.7-inch screen is slightly larger than that of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it’s also narrower, making it easier to handle. This elongated format (22:9) has the advantage of being perfectly adapted to the consultation of social networks and their vertical flow.

What’s more, Samsung has worked with Google on adapting some applications to this elongated format. For example, when the Galaxy Z Flip is folded at a 90-degree angle, the camera app switches to a “dual-screen” display with the image at the top and all functions in the lower part. You can put the smartphone on your palm – like a powder case, so to speak – and take a selfie.

On the other hand, if the possibility of displaying two applications simultaneously – one on each half of the screen – seems a good idea on paper, in use, their use becomes complex because the display is too small. At the limit, one can imagine watching a video while scrolling its Twitter feed in the lower part of the screen, but this will remain anecdotal.

iPhone 2020: 3 new screen sizes confirmed

Information published by ET News tends to prove what were previously only rumors. Samsung and LG are both working on the development of 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inch OLED tiles for the 2020 iPhone.

It’s a rumor that’s been in the air for several months now. In all likelihood, Apple will not only have to make a significant redesign of its iPhone next year but also offer them in different screen diagonals from today.


Regarding the integration of a 5G chip into the 2020 iPhone, rumors are spreading all over the place. While Ming-Chi Kuo is convinced that Apple’s entire 2020 line-up will support all 5G tapes, ET News believes that the company will opt for a fourth smartphone in the catalog, which alone will be 5G compatible.

On the one hand, the massive integration of 5G chips in its new iPhone would undoubtedly allow Apple to justify a new price increase on its phones. But the 5G is only launched in a limited number of countries. It is estimated that 65% of the world’s population will be covered in 2025. Apple could be accused of taking hostage customers who do not care about 5G with a more expensive smartphone, and whose capacities they will not be able to use to the full.

But the opposite is also correct. Taking the lead and making the complete transition to 5G, starting in the fall of 2020, would allow Apple to play the chorus of sustainability, and sell entire shipments of iPhone “5G Ready” under the pretext that we must prepare for the arrival of tomorrow’s network.

All iPhones screens moving to OLED technology

We are talking about OLED screens here. Until then, Apple had reserved this type of screen for its most expensive models (iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro). But according to ET News, the entire iPhone 2020 line-up will be missing on the LCD. Including the successor to the more affordable iPhone 11.

Then, the size of these screens changes profoundly compared to the latest generations of iPhone. Currently (and for two years now), Apple offers 5.8-inch smartphones (iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro), 6.1-inch (iPhone XR, 11) and 6.5-inch (iPhone XS Max, 11 Pro Max). ET News confirms two things today: a more compact iPhone is in the boxes, and a huge model should take over from the current iPhone 11 Pro Max.

And all this without even taking into account the possible iPhone SE 2, which he thinks could be launched next March.

Tesla’s Cybertruck: the surprise is here

Elon Musk probably had a great time unveiling his baby, the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck. He has been talking about it for almost 7 years, promising something new. The mission is successful. The Cybertruck is a real visual shock. The sad spirits will say that it only took a few minutes for a designer to draw these simplistic and raw lines. More moderate observers will enjoy such audacity, which ignores the usual tendency of car manufacturers to always rely on a familiar aesthetic reference. The Cybertruck is unlike any existing production vehicle. Whether you like it or not, the freedom of style it expresses is refreshing.

The same stainless steel as for the SpaceX Starship

The Cybertruck style has a slightly military feel that inspires a feeling of robustness. It reflects with an exoskeleton body made of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel that SpaceX will use to build its Starship ship. To prove its solidity, Elon Musk invited one of his collaborators to the stage, who slammed a heavy mass blow on a door, which did not show the slightest damage.

However, things went a little worse when the person threw a steel ball at the side windows that were supposed to withstand violent impacts. Elon Musk expected the same result as for the door, but the windows smashed, causing Tesla’s boss to laugh a little embarrassed and promise to “fix it.” Its engineers will have plenty of time to study it, since production will only begin at the end of 2021, at best.

We come to the price of Cybertruck, which also surprised observers. Tesla announces the lowest rate of $39,900 for the propulsion version, $49,900 for the intermediate four-wheel-drive model with two engines, and $69,900 for the three-engine model. Qualified prices that are quite reasonable for the market, knowing, for example, that the Rivian RT1, one of Cybertruck’s main rivals, starts at $69,000. A lot of things may still be moving between now and the launch of the Cybertruck. But Elon Musk has already succeeded in his challenge to shake up the codes.

An electric quad for the Cybertruck

The Cybertruck announces ranges of 400, 500, or 800 kilometers depending on the size of the battery you choose. Its payload is up to 1.5 tonnes and can tow up to 6.3 tonnes in its four-wheel-drive version. Elon Musk had promised the performance of a Porsche 911. On paper, this seems to be the case since Tesla announces a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, which promises a lot of acceleration.

An air suspension increases ground clearance by up to 40 cm. Also, the air used by the circuit can be used to supply the on-board compressor to work with pneumatic tools. For off-road travel, the Cybertruck announces an approach angle of 35 degrees and a departure angle of 28 degrees. 110/220 V electrical sockets are integrated to connect tools. The truck can be configured for different uses, including a sliding shutter or a windbreak system that transforms it into a camping tent with an integrated kitchen. During the Cybertruck presentation, Elon Musk also unveiled a matching electric quad that can be mounted on the back of the pickup and recharge its battery. No details on its marketing have been provided at this time.

petasse et son sac dior

How to successfully sell luxury products online?

When it comes to online selling of products, one does not sell luxury jewelry or vintage cars like they sell pocketbooks or baby diapers. Marketing techniques that work for mass consumer products do not work for luxury goods and services.

Do you want to sell luxury products online? This article is made for you. We will present you the 5 critical success factors of an e-commerce activity selling luxury products.

Do not neglect the basic rules of an e-commerce site

There are some common sense rules that you should not neglect in your work of creation or improvement of your luxury e-commerce site. Here they are.

Get a great website, hosted on a great server and web host

Needless to say that this is the most important point of this article! You can spend as much money as you want, get the best website built and designed and have the best products on the market, if your website is slow, unresponsive or worst DOWN, you won’t sell much.

Make sure you read this post to find more on web hosting

Visuals must always communicate emotions.

bouche de puteSome sites specializing in the sale of luxury products seek to convey the value of their brand and their offer solely by focusing on innovation. They seek to deliver a radically innovative user experience, but at the same time forget some elementary principles, some basic principles. What are they? First of all, navigation must be clear and consistent. Customers must be able to find answers to their questions easily, they must be able to access products, etc easily. Secondly, whatever the ecommerce site, images play a decisive role. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Imagine that a customer comes to see you to discover your products. What does he want to do? See your products, examine them, touch them.

Product descriptions must also convey emotions.

Images play an important role, both emotionally and informatively. They play a crucial role in customers’ purchasing decisions. The same could be said of the descriptions. Most ecommerce sites selling luxury products offer very poor, very cold, very dry, too technical, too short descriptions.

When you write your product description, you should try to imagine what a salesperson would say to sell the product in the presence of the potential customer. For clothing and jewelry, the salesperson would advise how to wear them, on their composition, on their size, etc. However, it has to be said that most descriptions of luxury products list the materials. It is apparently not enough to make you want to buy.

Your website must itself be a luxury product.

Images and descriptions are the two most essential elements. However, other elements play a role. The design of your site must reflect your positioning. You must propose a web site in adequacy with the products which you sell: a site “top of the range” Your site is the showcase of your activity.

How to create a luxury design? Here are some tips:

  • Avoid commercial photos.
  • Choose the typography carefully.
  • Limit the use of elements that disrupt navigation: popups, banners, etc.
  • Use few colors. Avoid bright colors. Choose matte colors.
  • Use white spaces.
  • Avoid displaying too many products in catalog pages.
Play to the full-on rarity and on the feeling of exclusivity

sac de salopeThe scarcity effect always works, even in the field of the sale of luxury products. It creates a state of emergency. However, for it to work, this rarity must be real. In other words, do not indicate that there are only two products left when you have tons of stock. Second tip: present this cleanly and professionally. Avoid large red and fluorescent yellow animated banners. Also, avoid popups. This is not how you will generate more sales. The basic design rules associated with the sale of luxury products also apply here.

Don’t focus on what you sell, but on the experience, you offer your customers.

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of conveying emotions through images and product descriptions. Let us now go into a little more detail. The most critical point, without doubt, is this: in your way of selling your products and writing descriptions, you should not focus on the characteristics of your products, but on what your products will provide to their buyers, regarding experience, emotion… The best way to implement this point is to do qualitative research, such as customer interviews, customer questionnaires distributed on the site (or by email), interviews with store managers if you have physical points of sale.

vaping marijuana

Vaporizing Hasch, which tools do you need?

Marijuana vaporization requires some preparation because there are several aspects to consider.

Most non-temperature controlled vaporizers are usually calibrated around 190ºC, ideal for grass, while to spray resin we need at least 10 degrees extra, up to 210-215ºC (combustion starts from 230ºC).

When we vaporize a bud, we vaporize the resin sprinkled around it, in the form of tiny micro-droplets that volatilize immediately in contact with the hot air, but by agglutinating and pressing the marijuana trichomes, the density increases, and we get a compact, sticky piece of resin, more difficult to vaporize.

Recommended vapes for resins and cannabis concentrates.

haschAs a result of what we have mentioned, the best option is to choose a vaporizer with the temperature regulator, which rises to 210-215 ºC, to have the most efficient concentrate vaporization possible.

It is an increase of 25ºC compared to the standard 190ºC for grass so that steam may be slightly more irritating.

If it is already an excellent idea to filter and cool the vapor using a bong, by vaporizing resins, it will be even more so. Taking into account that the ideal will be to use a glass bong or a bubbler of small capacity, to concentrate at the maximum the puff and thus increase the flavor.

Table vaporizers for marijuana resin

Volcano vaporizer:

volcanoThis vaporizer has a long experience in the field, being one of the first vaporizers to offer quality in its equipment and operation, and thus providing a good user experience. It is resistant to falls and shocks, excellent and very compact, and therefore easy to transport or store.

Its large diffuser allows us to charge up to half a gram of resin each time so that we can enjoy a long spraying session without having to renew the charge continuously. Combined with its steam-filled balloon inflation system (by blowing hot air through a pump, which passes through the load and stays in the balloon) will provide us with great ease of use.

Arizer Extreme Q Spray:

arizer extremeThe Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer appears on the market with the peculiarity that the diffuser and ducts through which hot air and steam pass are made of borosilicate glass, an inert material, which does not modify the flavors of the samples, and which will not diffuse any harmful particles. It is therefore very suitable for medical use of marijuana.

Its heating element is made of ceramic, for the same reasons and characteristics as glass, in addition to being an excellent conductor of heat, which distributes and maintains the temperature correctly.

Also, it has a thermostat with three strategically located sensors to ensure that the temperature is uniform throughout the diffuser area. Find more on cannabis vaporizers by visiting Vaporisateur Cannabis.


a range of solar panels

Reduce your Electricity Bills by 75%

New information to help businesses reduce their electricity bills. SolarCool (Mauritius) Ltd. offers a technology that reduces reliance on the Central Electricity Board (CEB) by at least 75%.

One of the most significant items of expenditure in large companies remains electricity. It’s an expense that never goes down, quite the contrary,” explains Ram Ramjheetun, Managing Director of SolarCool (Mauritius) Ltd.

How to do it? The secret lies in the installation of a system connected to the compressor that powers the air conditioning and refrigeration network. In cold countries, this can also be used to power the heating system.

solarcool mauritius

The system captures the sun’s rays, even if the weather is cloudy,” Ram Ramjheetun says. It is therefore not necessary for the sun’s rays to hit the system directly. “The main component looks like a solar panel, but it’s not one. It is a thermodynamic copper panel that requires no special maintenance. We offer a ten-year guarantee,” adds the director. The lifespan is 25 years.

The return on investment is fast, Ram Ramjheetun believes. “The money saved on an electricity bill will allow the company to pay for the equipment. It can also go through the French Development Agency to obtain financing. This body has a program dedicated to these types of initiatives. We will help the company get this financing,” says the Managing Director of SolarCool (Mauritius) Ltd.

Several large local companies are interested in this new technology adopted by large multinationals, such as Mercedes Benz, Texaco or Pizza Hut, among others.

Phone Accessories Review: Bling My Thing Swarovski Cases for Smartphones

Swarovski crystals are synonymous to luxury. Can you imagine how fun and enjoyable it is to cover your smartphone in these sparkling gems? But, of course, luxury is not the be-all and end-all of owning a Swarovski-encrusted smartphone case. There are other features and considerations worth considering also. Since you are paying a high price for such an accessory, you have to make sure that you will get what you pay for.

Here is a quick review of Bling My Thing Swarovski smartphone cases:


Swarovski smartphone cases glittersWho would not love a phone sparkling with beautiful Swarovski crystals? It makes your phone stand out in the sea of ordinary-looking phones. That, in itself, makes it a worthy accessory to buy for your smartphone.

The case is just of the right size—it does not add bulk to the phone. Other phone cases are so bulky that it defeats your purpose of having a sleek smartphone. With this case attached, your phone will still look as slim as it gets.

Portability and grip

This slim-style case is so lightweight, so it does not add an extra weight and bulk to your phone. When your phone has this luxurious case, it will still fit in your hands and will not get in the way of your using the phone.


Designed with beauty and luxury in mind rather than providing ultimate protection, the Swarovski case surprisingly can survive occasional accidental drops and regular use. None of the crystals fell off, and the phone is still intact during our trial period that lasted for more than a month.

Ease of use

The casing pops easily on the phone, and it is just as easy to take off. Its slightly receded design, on the other hand, secures the case on the phone to prevent it from falling off due to the rigors of everyday use.